Description and Maps

south Map 1. Start to Stone Bridge on the left side of Lake Chabot (marked in Red on map.) The course starts on the paved West Shore Trail that rolls by the lake for the first mile and a half. Bear right onto the Bass Cove Trail, fire trail that hugs the lake through Bass Cove. The trail merges with Goldenrod trail, as you bear right and roll upwards through a brief paved section meant for golf carts from the Chabot Golf Links, which you’ll pass on your left, as you approach the water-only Grass Valley Aid Station. Water up, then bear right down Jackson Grade to Stone Bridge. (See narrative below for Stone Bridge to Honker Bay to the Finish!)

north Map 2. Stone Bridge to Bort Meadow and Big Bear Aid Stations (marked in Red on map.) Pass the Stone Bridge and the mouth of the Brandon Trail to enter the Grass Valley Trail, which waits on the other side of a cattle grade and fence. The Grass Valley Trail is a rolling firetrail on which many shoes are lost in the winter but on race day, it should be plenty dry. At the end of the meadow, cross through another cattle fence and bear right onto the road and up into the Bort Aid Station, which is in the parking lot at the crest of the hill. From the aid station, proceed on the MacDonald trail, up the long hill, which snakes around and proceeds straight down to the MacDonald staging area. Proceed through the parking lot to a brief trail section that leads to the Big Bear Aid Station. (See narrative below for return home – Big Bear to Bort to Stone Bridge.)

redwood Map 3. Big Bear to Skyline Gate and back to Big Bear (marked in Red on map.) Cross Redwood Road (carefully!) and enter Redwood Regional Park. Bear right onto Golden Spike, and roll up along the road and down to the Fishway, a stone bridge which you will bear right to cross, moving towards the road in the center of the park. Follow the trail along the perimeter of the road and the parking lots. At the end of the road, you’ll bear right before entering the main parking lot, crossing the road to proceed up Canyon trail to East Ridge. Follow East Ridge to Skyline Gate, rolling along the crest of the hill, ever upwards!

Also Map 3. Skyline Gate to Big Bear (marked in Blue on map.) From Skyline proceed out West Ridge trail to the top of the French Trail, the mouth of which will be marked on the left. You are beginning one of the great single track portions of the course. After a mile or less, bear left at the Tres Sendas Trail (greet and thank the Trail Volunteer who always waits here), after a 1/3 of a mile, bear hard right onto the Star Flower Trail, which bears left onto the French/Madrone Trail. At the top of the hill bear left down onto the French instead of plodding straight uphill onto the Madrone (phew!). Follow the rolling French Trail until it ends, bearing right onto the Orchard Trail, which ends at West Ridge Trail after less than 1/4 mile. Bear left onto West Ridge. After 1/3 of a mile bear right onto Toyon, where another of our great Trail Volunteers will guide you. Rolling downhill on single track. At the end of Toyon, you’ll take a hard left onto Golden Spike and proceed back to Big Bear.

Map 2. Big Bear to Bort to Stone Bridge (marked in Blue on map.) Proceed from Big Bear to MacDonald Grade, going back up a hill you flew down a few hours earlier. Proceed to Bort Aid, which is the last cutoff for runners at the back of the pack. Proceed down the hill from the aid station bearing in mind that you will be returning the Brandon Trail, which is past the Grass Valley Trail through a dirt parking lot, bearing left. Follow Brandon Trail, a fire trail which runs down to Stone Bridge quickly. And the end of Brandon, proceed straight onto Cascade Trail.

Map 1. Stone Bridge to Honker Bay Aid Station and onto the Finish! (marked in Blue on map.) Follow Cascade down a wash that moves towards Lake Chabot. Bear soft left as the trail merges with the Columbine Trail. At the bottom of the wash, take a hard left onto Honker Bay Trail, which rolls along a lovely, poison oak-y trail. Greet the Honker Bay Aid with a yell, as you’re just a few miles from home! Proceed from the Aid Station down the hill to the edge of the lake and take a hard right when the road ends, across the footbridge to the East Shore Trail. Trail gives way quickly to road. Bear right at the park grounds and you’re home!


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